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Welcome to The 24 Hour Halloween DJ Marathon with DJ Trick!

Listen to the 24 HOUR HALLOWEEN DJ MARATHON - LIVE NOW! Friday October 31st from Midnight to Midnight Eastern (9 pm Oct. 30 - 9 pm Oct. 31 Pacific)! Listen and Win as DJ TRICK broadcasts LIVE from the Heart of America and from the Little Blue Sandbox in Second Life all day - for 24 Consecutive Hours on Halloween, October 31st! You don't know who may show up or what might happen, but it will definitely be a Wild Ride! Funds Raised go towards the Capital Improvement Project!

Special Premiums for Contributions!

You are welcome to contribute any amount you would like. However, if you kick in a little more, you get some perks!

  • Any Amount: A Shout Out on the stream during the event!
  • Five Bucks or More: A Song Request of your choice and a Shout Out!

  • Special Perks for Indie Bands!

  • Twenty Five Bucks or More: A custom Radio Ad for Your Band promoting Your Music! Will run in our AD Rotation for the Rest of 2014! Plus you get an MP3 copy for your own nefarious purposes.

  • So show your support of Indie Music and slap that Donate button on the left! And keep on Listening to!

    Please feel free to listen to the Ad Samples below:

    Elm Treason - Days of Reaction

    The Zaps - Eastern Primary

    MERRIN - Don't Forgte To Breathe

    Little Blue Island - The Crossroads of Second Life

    Abyss Shoutcast

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